Directions to the Studio and what to bring

Hi, I hope you're excited about your portrait session. 

Please bring with you 

- Your dog’s bowl
- A toy or two
- Your dog’s bed

- A bottle of water from the tap you use to fill your dog’s water bowl

- Treats,  please keep these well-hidden; we will discuss how & when to use them

Please leave your dog in the car for a few minutes on arrival at the studio so that I can give you some orientation.

I look forward to seeing you at the studio 35-39 Church Rd. BS5 9JJ. The studio is opposite Vanguard Storage

Google Maps-

Feel free to park in the car park behind the studio, through the large, blue metal gates on Russell Town Avenue. The allotted space is on the down-ramp on the right hand side behind the blue car.

Best wishes, Phil

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